Points in Focus Photography

Fireworks Slideshow

I hadn’t intended to do a slideshow video with the fireworks images I shot the other night. Then I remember Lightroom has a way to export slideshows as videos and so I figured what the heck I’ll give it a try. So this is the entire 15 minute show compressed into under 2 minutes worth of video. Best viewed full screen in 720P.


All the images were shot at f/8 ISO 100, with shutter speeds varying from ~1s to ~16s. In my experience fireworks can be treated like flash’s can, where the aperture and ISO control the brightness of the trails and the shutter speed balances how much of the “ambient” environment is brought into the frame. Typically I shoot fireworks with the camera set to bulb, and vary the time the shutter is open to stop multiple bursts from blowing out the frame (you can see this happen in images towards the end during the finale).

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