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Discussing the new Mac Pro and Steep Canon Rebates


I’ve had a number of conversations with people where Apple’s new Mac Pro and its, in their words, “insane pricing,” has come up and I wanted to talk about that. Largely because I think Apple has a branding problem now around what they mean when they attach the word Pro to a product.

Additionally, Canon, at least as of December 15 to 18th, though they may go on longer, has been running some pretty substantial rebates on many of their cameras, including the EOS R. In the past, I’ve talked about wanting to pick up an EOS R but it not finding the right value in it at the $1700, and $2000 price points it was at prior to these sales. However, even with the camera discounted to a mere $1350, I still haven’t picked up an EOS R, and I wanted to talk about why the value proposition still isn’t there for me.


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