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🎞 A Non Review of the Dracast S Plus LED500 And a Rant on LEDs Lights in General


I want to be up front and clear about something here, this isn’t a review. Moreover, these lights were purchased with my own money, which makes this that much more frustrating for me.

What this is, is my experience with trying to get these lights initially setup and working. To be fair to Dracast, the light could have been defective — though that doesn’t really excuse the discrepancies between the marketing and the product that was actually delivered — though I couldn’t find anything obvious that indicated that it was a defective panel either.

That said, I find that I no longer have the patience to put up with products that don’t deliver, so I’ve moved on. However, I wanted to talk about the problems I ran into with these lights in case anyone else was looking at them.


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