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Features I’d like to See Added to the EOS R5

Canon’s EOS R5 is an impressively featured camera, but like all cameras it’s hard to call it perfect. After having used the camera for several months now, I’ve compiled a list of features I’d like to see Canon implement in the EOS R5.

Unlike many camera wish lists, this list doesn’t go overboard to the point of basically wanting a different camera. Rather these are features that I think Canon could implement at a relatively low cost on their end and and would generally make the camera better in the process. In short, everything I’m suggesting should be possible to implement in a firmware update without having to modify the hardware.

The list, in summary is:

  1. Remove the 30 minute clip length limit
  2. Add support for synthesized ND long exposures using average stacking
  3. Auto Electronic/Mechanical first curtain shutter mode
  4. Customization of Quick Control Menus
  5. Customization of Rate and Lock buttons
  6. Easier control over enabling/disabling IBIS when using an un-stabilized lens.
  7. Extended shutter speeds: 1m, 2m, 4m, etc.
  8. Smarter options for sensor cleaning (e.g. after lens change)
  9. Smarter options for the protective shutter (e.g. close when lens is dismounted)
  10. Clean up the mess that’s become the menus.


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