Points in Focus Photography

Using a Colorimeter as a Lightmeter


This is a simple hack using a colorimeter that has an ambient light reading mode, such as the i1 Display 2 or Colormunki Display, and the ArgyllCMS package’s spotread tool as a incident light meter.

To camera settings to EV use my exposure settings to EV conversion tool.


Andrew Railton

Or you could just buy a light meter or two, you can find them second hand for a good price. (Incident and or Spot Meter) By using a light meter, the correct tool for the job and the best tool for the job, you’ll be able to read the light much easier, quicker, and more accurately, You’ll get better photographic results, and you’ll improve as a photographer. Also, you’ll be able to use your light meter/s on location, where most people take/make most of their photos.

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