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Hurricane Dorian


Update 2019-08-28

It’s another year, and the peak of another hurricane season, and living in South Florida means there’s another hurricane headed our way.

As things currently stand it’s still too early to really know how things are going to shake out. The National Hurricane Center is currently predicting a major hurricane in the category 3 range with winds around 115 MPH will make landfall somewhere along the Florida peninsula. Though with the storm still more than 3 days away, the actual strength and location is far from clear.

My family and I have already started implementing our hurricane plans and should be as prepared as we can be by the time the storm arrives. However, as you can imagine this is also an incredibly stressful time for us, and as they say the best laid plans never survive contact with enemy. 

Ultimately what this means for this site, and the YouTube content I’ve been producing lately, is that there will almost certainly be a gap in the coming content due to the impacts of this storm. As things stand, there are already videos scheduled to be published through September 9th, but after that I’m not sure how much of a gap will likely ensue.

I’ll continue to update this post as time and information allows.


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