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Megapixels to Image Resolution Calculator


Nothing complicated, I just keep needing to figure out x, y resolutions in pixels for an image given in megapixels so I threw together a quick tool.

Takes the resolution of the image in megapixels (e.g. 24 is 24 megapixels, 0.6 is 600,000 pixels), and the aspect ratio either in “n:m” notation (e.g. 3:2) or as a decimal number (e.g. 1.5). Returns the x and y sizes in pixels for that image rounded to a pixel.




This is so helpful! Thanks!

    Jason Franke | admin

    Glad you found it useful.

Tobias Ekman

Thanks for the calculator. The calculation using the “n:m” notation when “m” is 10 or larger doesn’t work. “m” gets truncated to one character.
16 Mpixel 16:10 or 16:100 calculates to 16000 x 1000 which is the 16:1 ratio

    Jason Franke | admin

    Hi Tobias,

    Thank’s for finding that bug. It should be fixed now.

Christopher Johnson

Thanks! Appreciate you putting this out there! Was trying to figure out how big the 192GP image of China really was. 584K image that printed at 200dpi would print to a football field. Very cool!

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