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Canon Print Studio Pro Crashes on Start or Changing Paper Type

A condition exists in Canon’s Print Studio Pro printing software, where it will error and exit if the paper type is changed to a type that the computer doesn’t have an ICC profile for installed—say because you removed ICC profiles for paper’s you don’t use. This can result in an endless crash loop where Print Studio Pro crashes on start up and you cannot change the paper type to something that doesn’t cause the problem.

1) Do not clean up any unused Canon installed ICC profiles for your Pixma Pro printer. Doing so will likely trigger this problem and result in Print Studio Pro being unusable.

2) If you do trigger the error loop, you will need to install the missing ICC profiles, either by reinstalling the printer drivers or by extracting the necessary profiles from the printer driver installer and copying them manually to their appropreate color profile store on your computer.

  • Windows: C:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\color\ in Windows
  • Mac OS: /username/Library/ColorSync/Profiles or /Library/ColorSync/Profiles

3) If you wish not to restore the ICC profiles, you can clear the settings for Print Studio Pro by deleting the files stored in:

  • Windows: C:\users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Canon\Print Studio Pro\
  • Mac OS: ? currently known by me
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