Super Duck and an Anhinga

Super Duck


This image was taken on Tuesday, Apr 13, 2010 and was posted on Thursday, Apr 15, 2010 at 11:21 by Jason Franke. All rights are reserved.
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Image Info

Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark III
Shutter Speed:1/320
Focal Length:400mm

Specific Gear

Alternate Versions & Notes

This has turned into something less of an ideal weak for me to get out material. I’m currently working on a series that takes a look at watermarking or otherwise protecting your digital images and how effective it is. Along with some thoughts into the usability problems each of the methods creates.

Anhinga in Flight

In the mean time, I’ve been out shooting now that I have my gear back and in working order so until I get my article done, here are some of the better bird shots from this week. Also I won’t be checking in on the Green Heron that I’ve been following until it gets a little closer to hatching time.